Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Every couple wants it to be special with memories to last a lifetime.

Some couples, however, get married overseas and when they return to Australia, wish to have a re-affirmation ceremony for their families to share their joy.

Other couples wish to re-commit to each other after many years of marriage, often to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary.

renewal of vows ringSome couples don’t want a legal wedding ceremony at all but wish to celebrate with a commitment ceremony.

Benefits-Of-Same-Sex-Marriage-In-The-USWe can assist you to create a re-affirmation or commitment ceremony that is meaningful, creative and uniquely yours.

Every couple’s circumstance is unique and so each ceremony is also unique, individually created in response to your story, your wishes and needs for your special re-affirmation or commitment day.

A re-affirmation or commitment ceremony is not a legal wedding ceremony; there is no no legal paperwork involved and the presentation certificate is purely a keepsake of the day and not a legal document. However it can closely follow a wedding ceremony format (without the legalities).


We look forward to being part of your re-affirmation or commitment celebrations.

Contact us to discuss further.

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