J&D 15

Getting married in Australia

In accordance with the Australian Marriage Act 1961, the Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed at least one month prior to the date of your marriage.

Generally to marry you must be over the age of 18 years, not in a prohibited relationship and not already legally married.

To verify this you will need to provide the following original papers (not copies or scans):

  • Full birth certificate or Australian passport
  • Overseas birth certificates and / or passport, if applicable
  • Divorce papers, or death certificates if you have been married before

You will also need two people over the age of 18 to act as witnesses to the marriage.

[See also the Attorney general’s website >

Download the Notice-of-intended-marriage form


Planning your wedding ceremony

As very experienced celebrants we have highly developed ceremony crafting skills and a considerable library of resources, including an extensive collection of readings and poetry.

We create each ceremony individually, after meeting with you and getting to know you as a couple. We would then develop a ceremony to meet your needs, to reflect and honour who you are, and include in it whatever you wish – your chosen customs, traditions or ideas. It will be totally YOUR ceremony.

Initial appointment with the celebrant

  • Discuss wedding plans, date, venue and type of ceremony you have in mind
  • Confirm the date and time of your ceremony by payment of the deposit
  • Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage and present all required legal identity papers

Creating your ceremony

  • Choose your own style of wedding  – traditional, modern, casual, themed, short or long.
  • We can also offer a brief ceremony option, held in our office, with just your two witnesses present, if you prefer.
  • Borrow a file of resources to assist you in choosing your own readings, vows and rituals OR write your own.

We then create a unique and personalised ceremony based on our discussions plus your chosen selections. At all times the couple is involved in the creation of the ceremony for their special day!
Couples are welcome to make any number of personal appointments, phone and email consultations to ensure that the draft ceremony is just what you want for your wedding.

Further appointments

  • Discuss and edit the ceremony, if necessary
  • Pay any balance of fees
  • Complete further official documents before the wedding day


Couples are encouraged to have ‘run through’ rehearsal of the ceremony before the wedding (if required) at the celebrant’s home office. (Rehearsals at the venue may incur a further cost, depending on travel requirements)

29_wedding-rings-wallpaper1On the wedding day

  • The ceremony takes place at your chosen venue
  • Official legal documents are signed
  • The Marriage Certificate and a copy of the ceremony are presented to you as a keepsake of the wedding

After the wedding day

The celebrant lodges all the required paperwork to register your marriage with the Registrar-General’s Office, Perth, WA.


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